Green Tea & Mint


A delicate, pan fired Spring green tea that’s been combined with an uplifting blend of Spearmint from selected small holders in Malawi.

Size: 25g tin

Tasting Notes
It has a smooth, round mouth-feel and a refreshingly clean flavour. Soft and gently uplifting.

Use 2g of tea per 150ml of water.

For the optimum infusion use 75°C (167°F) water.

Infuse for 1 - 2 minutes, tasting regularly.

You can infuse this tea at least twice. With each careful infusion, different subtleties of flavour are revealed.

Green Tea - China
A hand crafted Spring green tea from Zhejiang province (home to the famed Dragon Well) but pan fired with a lightness of touch to just twist the leaves rather than press them.  This delicate method produces a delicate green tea with a smooth mouth-feel and a refreshingly clean flavour.

Spearmint - Malawi
We have added an uplifting blend of Spearmint from a collective of small holders in Malawi. This is a year-round, sustainable crop, mostly grown by women on less than a hectare of land. It allows invaluable extra income and we are very proud to support them.

All our teas are organically grown and our farmers are committed to sustainable farming practices. However; we work with small producers who don't always have the money or manpower for the complex and costly process of organic certification. We have our teas tested ourselves- taking on the expense and logistics rather than burdening the farmers.